Two Magicians and a Dream!

Founded by magicians Dave Morris and Colin Holt, the Victoria School of Magic has a simple mandate: To teach and inspire a new generation magicians. Our courses are designed to take students through the very basics of magic and work up to the more complicated sleights that professional magicians use everyday. It‘s the perfect way to take an interest and turn it into a hobby, or to take a hobby and turn it into a life-long passion.

We put the magic into your hands.

Upcoming Classes

Magic for Kids
(Ages 9-12)

A 6-week class for young and aspiring magicians to learn the basics of magic. No more disappointing magic kits with plastic props and half-working tricks. This class teaches real magic that will delight children and adults alike. The class culminates in a live performance for family and friends.

Dates T.B.A.
Cost $249 (Includes Magic Supplies*)
Location Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry (100 - 808 Douglas St.)

*All supplies are professional quality and include: 1 Close-Up Mat (11x17), Two Decks of Cards (Bicycle), 4 US fifty cent pieces, as well other magic items (that will remain secret).

Magic for Beginners
(Ages 13-16)

This 6-week class will give all young magicians a complete overview of magic. Coins, cards, mentalism, and more! Each week students will learn a fundamental concept of magic as well as a self working trick, and a sleight to practice. The class ends with a video performance of each student that will be made available to family and friends.

Dates Saturdays, Feb 6th - Mar 13th, 2021
From 1pm-2:30pm
Cost $249 $180 (Includes Magic Supplies*)
Location Online via Zoom

*Supplies will be delivered to your home by one of our instructors, giving you a brief, and physically distanced, in-person introduction. All supplies are professional quality and include: 1 Close-Up Mat (11x17), Two Decks of Cards (Bicycle), 4 US fifty cent pieces, and other secret magic items.

Your Instructors

Dave Morris

Dave Morris is a teacher, storyteller, improviser, and magician. He's been teaching, producing and performing around Canada and the world for the last 20 years. He is the artistic director of the award-winning Paper Street Theatre co., co-facilitates the Belfry 101 program for teenagers, and is the only club member in Victoria Magic Circle history to win all three trophies in a single year. Chances are, he already likes you.

Colin Holt

Colin Holt is a past president of the Victoria Magic Circle, and a multi-award winning magician – including Magician of the Year (which is the only award Dave hasn't won). He has been a student and performer of magic for over 25 years, and instructor for almost as many. He has a library of magic books, and studied under the great Tony Eng. The only thing he loves more than magic is books.

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